Hi! My name is Charlie Meyers.

I am a software developer, actor, director, and gamer.

I'm a lot of other stuff too. That's just the surface level stuff.

Software Development 🔝

I've been making websites since I was in high school, first playing around with Tripod and Geocities.

I grew up reading old mail and usenet threads about the early history of OSS software and it fascinated me. I was already learning C and VB in some of my high school classes, but the flexibility of perl enticed me.

I loved perl, but certain things like metaprogramming felt clunky. (I spent more time than I'd like to admit prototyping templating languages that have never seen the light of day.) PHP was readily available and a necessity for a lot of the odd jobs I was picking up in college, but the syntax felt incredibly clunky next to perl or python.

Then I heard about ruby, an older obscure Japanese language that recently released English documentation for first time ever. Then, this small web framework called RubyOnRails was released. I fell in love. Ruby and Rails have been a big part of my career for the past 20 years.

Theatre 🔝

I've been consistently performing in plays and musicals (mostly musicals) since middle school. I was a shy, quiet kid that deep down inside wanted to show off and be seen, and this gave me a means to do that.

Once I settled into a career that involved a lot of remote work, I rediscovered theatre as a great way to exercise different parts of my brain and to get out of my home office.

Once I started directing, I grew a deeper appreciation for the craft. I love telling stories that can touch people and transform lives.

Gaming 🔝

I've always loved games. I grew up on board games, Atari 2600, NES, SNES, and N64.

During the pandemic, I tried my hand at streaming. I think everyone started a stream, a tiktok, or a podcast during those days. The stream never really went anywhere, but I still hit "Go Live" every now and again.

Misc 🔝

These are different places that I exist that don't fit elsewhere.